Hello! My name is Jacquelyn Hansel (she/her or they/them). 

I am a researcher and recreationist in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), and an artist, big fat nerd, and also a gamer. Because of these many hats, you might know me as either Choi Min 崔敏 (he/him) in the SCA, or Gwyn or Gwynmina, sometimes of Wartburg (she/her), in the Animal Crossing community.  I also do educational outreach for various local organizations I work with. If you'd like me to teach or host a panel at your event, please contact me in any of the methods on this website (check the footer).

However you know me, please feel free to email me questions, or message me on facebook or discord.

Hopefully the info on this website is helpful to any of you who stumble upon it, for whatever reason, and I hope very much that more people can use this information to develop their hobbies as we all strive towards fun and knowledge, together. 

My SCA "Resume"

Here below is information about my SCA Persona, Choi Min 崔敏 (he/him), and my activitiers as a member :

Argent, a Qilin couchant regardant sable.

Defining instance of a Qilin/Kirin, Nov 2021 LOAR


Offices Held

Classes I Offer

Upcoming Class Offerings

The name Choi Min (also romanized Choe Min), since he is a nobleman, would have been spelled using the hanja 崔敏, and not with the phonetic hangul 최민, because hangul was not prestigious enough of a writing system yet.  In this case, Choi is the family name, and Min is the given name.  Choi is a scholar, and as such can be referred to as "Choi Seonbi" if desired.  Otherwise, "Lord Choi" is preferred.

is pronounced as such: (Audio) and as such: (Audio)