Fellow Researchers! 

Here are friends' blogs, reenactor/recreationist-run websites or groups by and for people who are in the reenactment/research/historical costuming realm that can help:

(Please contact me about updating this list.  I update it as I find more people's blogs.) 

Important to know!

This website is compiled by Members of the Society for Creative Anachronism. The SCA is a non-profit, hybrid Reenactment-LARP hobby, and as such, no member is limited on what they choose for their reenactment focus geographically, as long as it it pre-1600 CE. 

Cultural Appropriation is a very important issue, and one of this website's goals is to help compile accurate and helpful research for any reenactor or historical costumer, so as to avoid being disrespectful and ignorant of modern contexts.  Anyone can feel free to contact me (Jacquelyn Hansel) directly via the information in the footer.


Creators that are adjacent but their focus is not directly related:

Alec Story

Chinese Specialty (Food, Language), SCA

Eastern Gate FB Group

Chinese Specialty, SCA

China Silk Museum

Chinese Specialty, Museum

Ouyang's Desk

Chinese Specialty (Tang), SCA

The Shoestring Tailor

Chinese Specialty, SCA

Chinese Fashion History Ramblings

Chinese Specialty (Ming, Qing & 20th c), 

Fashion History

The Palace Museum in Beijing

Chinese Specialty, Museum

Sartorial Dominance Displays

Chinese Specialty (Tang, Hair), SCA

Chinese Specialty, Museum

Exploring the Obscure

Chinese Specialty (Perfumes, Cosmetics, Northern Wei), SCA

Chinese & Others Garb and Armor Shop

Chinese Armor Specialty FB Group

Great Ming Military

Chinese Specialty (Ming, Military)


Creators that are adjacent but their focus is not directly related:

Lorenzo's Workshop

Korean Specialty (Men's Clothes), SCA

SCA Korea FB Group

Korean Specialty, SCA

Gold and Jade

Korean Specialty, SCA

DKU Seok Juseon Memorial Museum

Korean Specialty, Museum

Yang Cheon Shik

Korean Specialty, Historical Costumer, Fashion

National Gugak Center

Korean Specialty (Music), Heritage Arts


Korean Specialty, Fashion History Illustrator

Min Soo Yun

Korean Specialty, SCA

National Museum of Korea

Korean Specialty, Museum

Gyeonggi Province Museum

Korean Specialty, Museum

Korea Craft & Design Foundation

Korean Specialty, Heritage Arts

The Talking Cupboard

Korean Specialty, Historical Dramas/Cultural Blog

Korean Specialty, History Blogger

Korean Dress Historian


Creators that are adjacent but their focus is not directly related:

History of Costume in Japan

Japanese Specialty (Clothing), 


Sengoku Daimyo

Japanese Specialty, SCA

Saionji's Garden

Japanese Specialty, SCA

Shoso-in Imperial Repository

Japanese Specialty (Nara), Museum

Japanese Specialty (Garb & Dyeing), SCA

Sharon Booth

Japanese Specialty, SCA

Cultural Heritage Online

Japanese Specialty, Museums

Ki no Kotori

Japanese Specialty (Calligraphy & Poetry), SCA

Yamamura Kitsune

Japanese Specialty (Garb), SCA

Japanese Specialty (Heian), SCA

Nothing In It

Japanese Specialty, SCA

Japanese Specialty, SCA

Mongols and Nomadic Central/North Asian Groups

SCA Mongols and Central Asian/Turkic Cultures FB Group

Mongol/Nomadic Central Asia Specialty, SCA

Mongolian Specialty, Astrology, SCA

Manchu Archery Specialty

Central and East Asia Specialty

South Asia (India)

India, Clothing Specialty

Indian Specialty, SCA

Southwest Asia and North Africa (SWANA) Regions

Persian and Iranian, Equestrian Specialty, SCA

Sara's Arts and Sciences

SCA, How to Submit Arabic Names

SWANA Equestrian, Archery, Swords, Shields, Clothing for Reenactment


A SCAdian in Ryukyu

Ryukyu Specialty, SCA

Scharine Kirchoff, Fiber Artist

Ryukyu Specialty, Heritage Arts


Art of Jme Foronda

Philippine Specialty, Historical Clothing Illustrator

General Knowledge

Asians Represent!

Asian Community and Critical Specialty in RPGs/LARPs/Games

Voices of Color: SCAdian Stories

SCA Community and Interviews

Tasting History with Max Miller

Food History Specialty

Research Specialty, SCA

English Language Asian Art Research Magazine

East Asian Research, SCA Focus.  

Blog of the Authors of this Website.