Choi Min's Calligraphy & Painting Gallery

This is my portfolio of both "Scrolls" for SCA use and attempts at painting and other crafts.  

Most images will eventually be clickable, with a progress-photos/blog post behind each link, with more detail pictures.

My first scroll for the SCA was done in the autumn of 2021, and I specialize exclusively in East Asian style scribal works. If you are interested in my calligraphy for the SCA scribe class, it was submitted as part of the Known World Heraldic & Scribal Symposium 2023 Proceedings, and should be online eventually, and hopefully plans to get a video version will work out soon. 

(Baronial) Flaming Brand for Mako of Flaming Gryphon, Nov 2021

Hosokawa's Red Company Scroll, April 2022. Silver and Black Mixed Ink on Red Paper, wet-mounted on unbleached paper. 

(Baronial) Flaming Brand for Inabe Yasue, July 2022

Akiyama Kazuhiko's Midrealm Sapphire Fall Coronation 2021. Gold, Silver, and White ink on Blue sutra paper, wet mounted to a pre-made scroll (post-mounting not pictured). My first scroll!

Kurosawa Hayao's Midrealm Order of the Willow Fall Coronation 2022. Chinese Watercolors on paper pre-made scroll.

Commission for Seong Myeongsu's Elevation, attempted copy of Wen Zhengming's. Poem is by Jeong Mongju. Jan 2021

(Baronial) Boreas for Wolbi, Feb 2023

(Baronial, commission) Bienvenue La Riot’s Order of the Keep, June 2023

Hydrangeas in gold ink on Black Cloud-handle cardboard fan. Jan 2021

Bird in gold ink on Black Paddle fan. Jan 2021

A Gift fan for a Holiday Exchange. Feb 2021

Empire of the Sun Pennsic 49 (August 2022) Award Scroll.

Moon and Clouds painted on a black paddle fan, commission for nu-i, Wolbi, Nov 2020. 

Commission from my friend Erika, attempted copy of Zhao Zhiqian. Text in japanese, a letter to a friend. March 2021

Paper Uchiwa with Peony. Feb 2021

Practice drawing bamboo in ink, on a paper, wing-shaped fan.

Freehand painting of a Qin player by a stream, first attempt at painting a folded fan, March 2020

Poem on the fan is 彈琴 by 劉長卿. First attempt at calligraphy in a while.