SCA Heraldry

This site is explanation and resources for players of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a non-profit Medieval Recreation and Research-LARP hybrid that's main goal is enjoyment and fun, but dressed in clothing from before 1600CE. Within the organization, players can register persona names and heraldry (think coat of arms). The process is somewhat stringent, as it's the one historically accurate hill we will die on, so this is guide below is for people who are lost and/or looking for help on this registration process. (That was said with love, as Choi Min is a herald, and can help).

So how do I register a name and/or armory for my SCA persona?

This is another area where many are often confused, frustrated, or have no idea where to start with how to register an East Asian name and/or armory with the SCA College of Heralds.  

I will go through some steps, and then give sources for browsing names and heraldry, or how to document a name you already know you want. I might briefly mention things that are not registerable and why that is so.

Basic Walkthrough for New Folk

For Names

For Armory

If you tried to register Asian heraldry in the past (Pre-2018) and were denied or stymied and frustrated, you should consider trying again!  

If you need help please use the forms of contact below in the footer, such as my email, or via messaging me via one of the social media methods.

(This is mostly for heralds' (my?) reference.)