Heraldic Art by Choi Min

Usage Policy: 

Please do not use any of the art here below for commercial purposes/any instance where you are making money. If you would like to use the art for monetary purposes, please use any of the contact methods to open that dialogue. 

If you would like higher definition versions of any of the images here, please also feel free to contact me.

Other than that, this art can be used for SCA heraldic, and other educational/informational purposes. If you are using a sketch, and want to complete it into a better file, feel free to with a quick mention or credit. 

If you are having trouble with image quality, try downloading from this shared folder on my Google Drive instead:

Qilin Heraldic Art or Sketches

Goguryeo Tomb Painting

Yuan ? Dynasty Guan/Wine Jar, Modified from Running to Rampant

1609 Sancai Tuhui Illustration

1712 Wakan Sansai Zue Illustration

Yuan Dynasty Bottle

Goguryeo Tomb Painting

Goguryeo Tomb Painting