Horse Race at the Kamo Shrine Cleveland Museum of Art, 1600-1650

So you're interested in reenactment/historical costume recreation?

But you're having a hard time finding sources of information for different Asian regions and times? I know the feel. 

Here I will compile collections of extant pieces, patterns for recreation, and other general garment info for the various regions of (mostly East) Asia. My expertise is mostly in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese garments, but I will post info I find to be accurate for Vietnam, Thailand, Ryukyu, and more. 

I do not limit to only clothing; hopefully there will be camping info/inspo up and other necessary information for the average reenactor.

As a reminder, since this is a Society for Creative Anachronism-focused page, I mostly aim for "garb" (clothing) that is Pre-1600 CE.  If they have an SCA name, I will use that name unless they've indicated otherwise.

If any information is incorrect or needs updated, please let me know via email or my discord, both linked at the bottom of the website.

Have at it!   - Jacquelyn




Other Regions