SCA Names

For (East) Asian Personae, here are compiled resources.

Here below are listed documents that I know exist, and can help browse for picking a name. 

Keep in mind either a meaning, a written character, or sound you want to incorporate while searching databases and dictionaries, and that will help whittle the options down. 

A note on Wiki Articles - I've noticed that experts, much more knowledgable than I, are going through East Asian names and linguistics explanation articles on wiki, and updating them as we speak with in depth explanations and histories on naming practices. Therefore, these wiki articles are currently containing more valuable information for us heralds than ever before. Please do not shy away from reading them because they are "merely" wiki pages. 

This page will be built over time. Check back later as more is compiled.  All articles by me are still under development/edit, but some are mostly complete. Check back for updates. Contact me to add things using the links at the footer of the page.

-Choi Min

Overall Name Construction Info

Chinese Names

Korean Names

Japanese Names

Mongolian Names

Arabic Names

Ryukyu Names

More Names

This page will be built over time. Check back later as more is compiled/I learn what categories should be separate. Feel free to contact me with suggestions.