Hello! My name is Wol bi 月比 (She/They). 

I am a researcher and recreationist in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)  From the kingdom of Atlantia, of the Canton Attilium in Windmaster's Hill, and my topic niches are Tea, the Bubonic Plague, and Medieval Sex Work.

As a combination of these interests, my SCA persona is a Gisaeng from Goryeo era Korea.  Gisaeng did not have family names as they were owned by the state, and so Wol bi is my full given name. All names would have been written using hanja, as hangul was not invented by Sejong the Great until 1443.  Here is the pronunciation of Wol bi in hangul: 월비 and in Audio.

Per chevron vert scaly argent and sable, in base a plate.


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Choi Min wrote this section so don't hold Wolbi too accountable for what I put here hahaha.